2014 IFBB European Championships. Day 1-3

15 May 2014 Konráð Valur Gíslason

Our trip to Santa Susanna in Spain for the 2014 European Championship started on Tuesday when the group of the Icelandic competitors flew from Keflavik to Spain.


eu12We arrived at the Caprici Verd hotel , which is the main hotel for the competition and were pleased with the rooms and the service.

Everybody went to bed early after a very long and tiring trip ready to wake up early for the registration.

On Wednesday we started the day with a jog on the beach and looked around a little bit before the registration.





The registration and the weigh-in took the whole day since there were around 800 competitors all waiting to get registered. We enjoyed dinner together, went to the gym, bought some water at the supermarket and spent a cozy evening again going early to bed because that’s what carb depleted fitness competitors do.



Today is Thursday and the first Icelandic competitor, Sigurkarl Adalsteinsson, will step on stage tomorrow and make our country proud.…to be continued.

Heidi Ola, Una Margrét and Katrín Edda