Kris J featured in Musle and Fitness mag. (Mars 2014)

16 March 2014 Konráð Valur Gíslason

Kris J had an interview in the Mars issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine UK version.


k60This is a great honor for Kris J and Iceland Fitness doesn´t know of any Icelandic bikini fitness, fitness or bodybuilding athletic that has ever been covered that much in a Fitness magazine as big as Muscle and Fitness.




The interview is 7 spread long and has multiple photos of Kris J working out in Universal gym in Cardiff,one of her favorite gym in Wales, and at a beach in Porthcawl. All the pictures are taken by the famous photographer Chris Bailey. Muscle and Fitness is the leading magazine for health and fitness in UK, consistently outselling all other magazines in its field.





In 1940, health and fitness pioneer Joe Weider created a newsletter called "Your physique", which evolved into Muscle and Fitness, Weider Publications very first magazine - and it´s flagship brand. Today Muscle and fitness is printed in 16 local editions in more than 22 countries, reaching a worldwide audience of over 7 million fitness aware readers.




On her facebook page Kris J says "I´m thrilled and honoured. I´m featured on 7 spreads in Muscle and Fitness magazine and I´m over the moon with the outcome. Ever since I started my fitness career I´ve been blessed with all the great people that have helped me out, guided me and inspired me. Just want to give you all a big shoutout and say a great big Thank You! QNT sport, Iceland Fitness @qntusa @bikinisbyfreydis @nike Athlete King"




Kris J will next appear at a few expo´s with her biggest sponser QNT...

Body and Health expo in Paris France 21-23 mars.

Fibo 3-6 april

Body Power Birmingham 16-18 mai.


Then her next competition will be...

British Nationals 20. april

Wales Grand Prix 24.mai